About Us

pro_rides_truck1111For generations, the Terzich family has modified everything with wheels. From golf carts to the Fastest Street Cars in the Country, we have always strived to build a car that pushed the boundaries of performance coupled with modifications that were aesthetically pleasing. What started out in 1994 with the 1956 Chevy gracing the cover of Super Chevy magazine, has developed into a family passion to keep raising the bar with each and every build. We have always viewed ourselves as hobbyist trying to have cutting-edge builds while collaborating with great shops and people. Together, we have had a great ride producing cars that we have hoped represented our brand. That is a car that was built to perform, while creating new trends. The most important part of all of this is the friendships we have developed over the years. These connections not only fueled our drive to keep building cars, but has made it a great ride!